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Amateur radio is a technical hobby involving wireless message transfer. It offers radio amateurs the possibility to exchange radiocommunications with other radio amateurs worldwide.

A radio amateur in Germany wishing to take part in transmit operations must take an examination set by the Federal Network Agency to furnish proof of his knowledge of the requisite technical and operational aspects and of the relevant regulations. If he passes the examination, he is issued a personal amateur radio call sign which – like a car registration number – is unique worldwide. He is then entitled to build the equipment and antennas needed for his hobby.

Communication takes place on nearly 40 frequency bands allocated to amateur radio. These range from the low frequency band (135.7 kHz) across various high frequency bands, metric, centimetric and millimetric wave bands to optical free-space transmission. Depending on frequency range and licence class, the maximum permissible transmitter power ranges between 1 W and 750 W.

Currently there are some 80,000 radio amateurs in Germany, worldwide there are approximately 2 million.


Health protection

In amateur radio, there are fixed, portable and mobile radio stations. Prior to the initial operation of a fixed radio station with radiated power of more than 10 W (EIRP), the radio amateur has to create a self-declaration for the FNA, in which he proves by calculations or measurements that people outside his property are not endangered by radiation from its transmitter.


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