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In the area of telecommunications, harmonisation or standardisation is performed in order to create uniform procedures for a variety of applications, wherever possible.

Standardisation or harmonisation is performed on a voluntary basis and is based on consensus decision-making. Companies (whatever size), interest groups, consumers, authorities etc. can participate in this procedure, which is carried out by independent standardisation panels at national, European and international level.

In the area of personal safety, standards are being drawn up for a variety of telecommunications equipment, which provide the basis for a uniform and reliable evaluation of the safety of people exposed to electromagnetic fields produced during the operation of fixed radio equipment.

In the context of legislation, the standards created on a voluntary basis can also be made mandatory.

In particular where the safety of people exposed to electromagnetic fields produced by the operation of fixed radio equipment is concerned, the standards must be aimed unconditionally at the target which is to be protected.

Through its continuous co-operation in the relevant national, European, and international panels the Federal Network Agency is involved in the standardisation processes right from the beginning. This allows the Agency, in co-operation with other states, to achieve its target of developing consistent evaluation procedures in terms of personal safety.

Below is a list of the relevant standardisation panels:

Date of modification: 2010.07.14

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