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The Federal Network Agency monitors the safety of people exposed to electromagnetic fields on the basis of the Order on the procedure for providing proof as regards limiting exposure to electromagnetic fields (BEMFV). This order does not set limits; instead it refers primarily to the legislation regarding the Federal Immission Control Act.

The Federal Network Agency monitors the adherence of limit values for the safety of people exposed to electromagnetic fields produced by the operation of radio equipment.

The definition of limit values or any comments on studies drawn up on this subject do not fall under the remit of the BNetzA. In this connection the Federal Network Agency refers to the determinations made by legislation (26th Order implementing the Federal Immisson Control Act; 26. BImSchV and BEMFV) and the expertise of the German Commission on Radiological Protection.

DIN standards referred to in this ordinance were published by VDE-Verlag GmbH, Berlin and Beuth-Verlag GmbH, Berlin and Cologne and archived securely at the German Patent and Trademark Office in Munich.


Date of modification: 2017.08.28

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