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Green IT

In telecommunications, considerable efforts are made to treat environmental resources with care. The activities are summarised under the term Climate Change & ICT or Green-IT for short. Not so much the actual operation but the entire life cycle of IT applications are given prominence.

The ecological impact starting with production up to the recycling stage is evaluated. Apart from the natural resources used for production, special attention is paid to the energy consumed during the life cycle and to the emissions (e.g. of CO2).

To minimise C02 emissions and at the same time maximise energy efficiency, considerable efforts are already made during the standardisation of telecommunications structures.

Objective statements on the environmental relevance necessitate uniform and comprehensible evaluation methods which must be accessible to all concerned. To achieve this goal, several standardisation projects have been launched both at European (ETSI) and at international level (ITU SG 5).

As part of Green-IT, the Federal Network Agency is aware of its responsibility as supervisory authority vis-à-vis consumers and industry. From the Federal Network Agency's viewpoint it is necessary to ensure that no opaque evaluation methods are developed in the telecommunications sector which would render an objective assessment of the environmental impact more difficult. As part of its activities in standardisation bodies, the Federal Network Agency aims to ensure that consumers are protected and that the same yardstick for evaluating the telecommunications market is used worldwide.

Date of modification: 2010.07.14

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